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Takisada Nagoya Co., Ltd. holds a large amount of personal information in connection with our business and conducts its activities. In order to earn your trust, we have established the following privacy policy and strive to protect personal information.

1. About management of personal information

Our company handles personal information appropriately, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, other norms, and various regulations established by our company. .

2. Appropriate collection, use, provision, and outsourcing of personal information

 (1When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose of use, collect information within the necessary range, notify or publicize the purpose of use, and use it within that scope.

 (2) The purpose of use of various personal information used and stored by our company is as follows.

(Customer's personal information)

・Providing information regarding our products and services
・Service support regarding our products and services
・Planning, research, and development to improve our products and services
・Implementation of sales promotion activities for our products and services, such as campaigns
・Response to customer inquiries
・Work related to each of the above matters

(Personal information of business partners)

・Conducting business meetings, etc.
・Providing information and contacting business partners
・Execution of work entrusted to us by our business partners
・Work related to each of the above matters

(Shareholders' personal information)

・Management of shareholders and stocks
・Exercise of rights and performance of obligations by shareholders or the company
・Creation of documents, records, and data based on laws and regulations
・Work related to each of the above matters

(Information on employees, officers, and other members of our company)

・Salary calculation/payment
・Safety management for all our company members
・Human resources management for all members of our company
・Work related to each of the above matters

(Personal information of employment applicants)

・Recruitment activities at our company, personnel/safety management after recruitment, and related operations

 (3) Our company will not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the person, except as stipulated by individual contracts or laws and regulations. In addition, when outsourcing the work of handling personal information within the scope of the purpose of use clearly stated to the individual, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision of the outsourcer.

3. Safety management measures regarding personal information

In order to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we will develop internal regulations and strive for safety measures. In order to achieve the above objectives, we will take the necessary measures.

4. Improvement measures

We will strive to respond appropriately to changes in the social environment regarding the handling of personal information. We will also strive to improve this privacy policy and other regulations by making changes, modifications, or additions as necessary.

 5.Response to inquiries, etc.

For inquiries regarding our handling of personal information or this privacy policy, please contact us at this email address: In accordance with our internal regulations, a reasonable period of time (in principle)Weekly, however, in cases where it takes time to respond, such as in the case of a large number of requests or complicated requests,30We will accommodate this within reason.


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