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What is Dyneema ®?

It is a registered trademark of Textile Corporation (Avient), with an average molecular weight of more than one million molecular weight polyethylene [UHMW-PE].
(=Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Dyneema ® is about 15 times stronger than steel (steals) with the same weight, and the tensile strength of max; 42.5cN/dtex is the most powerful.
In addition, the ratio is remarkably lightweight and lightweight, and is an innovative fiber that is responsible for the next generation, which is superior to ingenuity, frictional resistance, and UV resistance.
It has infinite possibilities from outdoor sports to millithence and medical care.

From here on the official page:Dyneema ® Fabric (dyneema.com)

* Dyneema ® is a registered trademark of AVIENT.To use a trademark, you must approve the AVIENT.


What is DCF?

Dyneema ® Composite Fabric is an abbreviation for the Composite Fabric.
of a sandwich structure that has a Dyneema ® fiber coated with polyester resin
It is a thin film material.
It is a lightweight, compact, highly robust finish with a waterproof of 10,000mm or more.
It is a vistless material that makes use of the strong point of Dyneema ®, which is used to make the most of the material.
Ultralite (UL) is the best fit for tents and backpacks.
We are cultivating a new state of strength and durability.

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